If you have a new cat or dog who has never had the luxury of being groomed, you may wonder how they will fare once they are brought into the grooming facility. If the pet is normally a bit shy or fearful, the pampering may not go as planned. Here are some ways you can try to ease your pet into receiving regular grooming sessions without feeling anxiety over the ordeal in the process.

Invite Some Friends Over

The first step in having your pet enjoy a successful grooming session is by having them get used to other people. If you do not regularly have people come around your pet, invite someone to your home every few days so your pet starts becoming accustomed to having others around. Make sure your visitors pay attention to your pet by stroking their fur or simply by speaking to the pet so it feels acknowledged. This will make strangers less of a frightening experience when it comes time for the grooming session.

Try Some Pampering At Home

Find out exactly which areas of the body are off-limits to touching by combing your pet in the seclusion of your home. Talk softly to your pet as you stroke their fur. Give them a small treat each time you have a successful combing session.  

Once your pet feels comfortable with combing, try giving them a bath. This can be done in your bathtub or a sink, using warm water and an appropriate pet shampoo. Speak to your pet as you dip them into the water. Have a towel handy in case they jump out suddenly. They may enjoy the soothing temperature once the initial shock of being in water is over. After several weeks of pampering at home, you will be able to let a groomer know which areas of your pet's body they avoid touching and can give them hints on which pampering methods your pet prefers.

Ease Into Grooming Sessions

It may be beneficial to have your pet's first grooming session at your home. Have a traveling groomer come to the house to tend to your pet where your pet will feel comfortable. Stay with the pet as the groomer does their work so your pet feels more at ease. After the have a few successful sessions, you can attempt bringing your pet to a pet boarding facility or grooming service for treatment. Stay with your pet during the session to keep them calm. After several sessions, the pet may be used to the groomer and the procedures, allowing you to sneak out to tend to other tasks while they are enjoying their pampering. Contact a business, such as Parkland Kennels West Inc, for more information.