If you want to adopt a pet rabbit, you should know that its fur needs regular care and attention. This will help keep the rabbit healthy and give you a chance to look for any potential health issues. Here are some tips for taking care of a rabbit's fur.

Brush the Rabbit Regularly

While rabbits are good at cleaning their own fur and will often clean each other, similar to cats, they do need some grooming from you as well. This begins with brushing their fur regularly. This will help you to remove any loose hair, which can help reduce pet dander and keep that heavy fur from accumulating and knotting. Rabbits often like to be brushed, feeling as if they are being pampered. If you don't brush them often enough, you might notice their fur gets matted and that they start to shed throughout your house.

Wipe Off the Fur

Another thing you should do for your rabbit's fur is wipe it off occasionally. They don't always need a full bath, but they might have droppings caught in the underside of their fur or some urine spots that need to be cleaned. When their fur gets long, it can be hard for them to go potty without making these little messes. Keep some wet wipes around that make it easy to wipe the rabbit clean and reduce bacteria. You can give them a bath occasionally if it looks like their fur is getting dirty or if they seem to be itching a lot. Use only shampoo you get from the pet store specifically for rabbits. You don't want to use cat or dog fur shampoo.

Inspect the Fur For Parasites

When you are cleaning the rabbit's fur, it is a great time to inspect it for any problems. You want look closely at the skin of the rabbit for signs of parasites. Rabbits can get fleas just as easily as dogs and cats. Look for small reddish-brown bugs that are jumping around on the rabbit's fur, close to their ears, eyes, or bottom area. Also look for signs of ticks and mites, which might present themselves as small insects attached to the skin, or with little blood spots or scabs on the fur or skin of the rabbit.

Consult Your Veterinarian

If you have any concerns about your rabbit's fur or skin, consult your veterinarian. They can provide grooming routine tips and give you treatments for fleas and ticks if you need it.

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