If you need to work long hours or take regular trips for work, and you will need to find a dog boarding location in your area that is going to be able to take care of your dog's needs and make sure that he or she gets the necessary social interaction for him or her to be happy. Here are some tips for finding the best dog kennel possible for your dog and making sure that the overall process goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Visit Several Kennels Before Making a Decision

When you drop your dog off for the day, you aren't going to be paying attention to the surroundings, and even if you were less than pleased with them, it's far too late for you to be able to do anything about it. You've got to go to work or go on your business trip. In order to make sure that you find a kennel that is a good environment for your dog, you will need to tour them ahead of time when you have space in your schedule. Look for how the dogs are treated, what the area looks like where the dogs will be spending most of their time, and whether or not you are able to give your dog toys and blankets to have with him or her in his or her crate. By taking the time ahead of your trip to find a good kennel, you will be able to ask all of the right questions that will allow you to figure out if this is going to be a good fit.

2. Bring Your Dog's Own Food

When you have found a kennel that you feel comfortable leaving your dog at, make sure that you then take the time to pack up his or her food for the trip. Put the food in a sealed container that has your name and your dog's name clearly labeled on each of its sides. Put the amount of food that your dog should be getting with each meal, as well as the number of meals that your dog should have, on the top. Be sure to add a little bit extra food in case you suddenly need to increase your stay. This will allow you to decrease the chances that your dog's stomach will be upset while he or she is there.

3. Leave Quickly and Stay Calm

When you drop your dog off at the boarding kennel, be sure that you stay calm the entire time in order to keep your dog calm. If your dog runs over to join the other dogs, leave without forcing him or her to say goodbye. If your dog is clinging to you, say your goodbyes quickly and leave. Dragging out the process will make it harder for both you and your dog.

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