If you want to get a puppy then choosing the right breed is very important. You need to end up with a full-grown dog that fits into your family and your lifestyle. The dog will be a member of your household and therefore, you want the dog to fit into the household without causing unnecessary turmoil. For many, Labradors are great because these dogs have a lot of fantastic aspects to their personalities. You can learn more about the breed here.

Labradors are large dogs

If you are looking for a large dog, then a Labrador, commonly referred to as a "lab" may be right for you. While they are large, they aren't huge and will make good dogs for most size houses and will make wonderful traveling companions that will fit nicely in the seat of the car.

Labs are loyal companions

One of the wonderful things about labs is they are loyal to those in their household. Where some dog breeds tend to be one owner dogs, not caring to spend much time with everyone in the house, labs will embrace their entire family. Labs generally do well with kids and adults. In fact, many labs end up acting as protectors to the kids in their family.

Labs have a lot of energy

Labs are energetic dogs and this is what makes them great for agility training, frisbee, fetch, and even as jogging partners. Labs are bred to retrieve water fowl for hunters. They are able to spend hours running and swimming back and forth to retrieve the fowl for their owner. Not only do they do this job well, but they have a great time doing it as well.

Labs are great for water-loving families

The fact that labs are bred to retrieve from the water lets you know they are true water dogs. They love spending time in the water, and this makes them a great fit for families who like to take frequent trips to the beach or lake. The dog will have a great time retrieving balls you throw in the water and swimming with the kids.

Labs have happy personalities

Another thing that is so much fun about Labradors is they tend to be happy dogs that just want to please their owners and have a good time. However, they are also extremely smart and their wanting to please ends up making them easy to train when it comes to both obedience training and trick training.

Talk to a Labrador retriever breeder for more help.